“Challenges of the 21st Century in Economics, Finance and Management”

2nd Gelisim-UWE International Conference on Economics, Finance and Management 2018, Bristol, UK

In a highly competitive and uncertain global environment many businesses are struggling to successfully compete and grow across the globe while governments search for effective policies to catch up or stay ahead of their competitors. The rising global economies, volatile financial markets and evolving management practices pose new challenges that demand imaginative and innovative solutions from the academic and practitioner community.
This international conference on economics, finance and management aims to bring together scholars, researchers and practitioners on a common platform to address the challenges of the 21st century. This conference will provide opportunities for global participants to exchange views and research on current trends and problems in global economic developments, the financial world and management practices, and it will foster collaboration and networking opportunities to advance theory and practice.
 Areas of interest:

The challenges of the 21st Century in economics, finance and management are broad and wide ranging. The conference scientific committee invites papers that reveal, solve or respond to these important challenges. Papers will be shortlisted for presentation that reveal, solve or respond to these challenges and they will be allocated for presentation in an economics, finance or management stream. The more challenging, the better.
We invite you to participate at the conference which will be held in Bristol, UK. It is a city situated in the South West of England and has a distinctive identity that outrivals anywhere else. This is the 2nd Gelisim-UWE international conference on economics, finance and management and it will be held in a new, state of the art Business School building on the Frenchay Campus of the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK on May 3-4, 2018.
We are also inviting proposals to run special track sessions in economics, finance and management areas. Please get in touch if you are keen to put forward a special track with a one page proposal.

Prospective presenters/attendees can submit their full papers or "detailed abstract" to following email address:


Please check our special tracks tab for more information on special sessions on some interesting topics.


If you do have any questions/queries please do get on the above email address. We look forward to welcoming you in Bristol in May 2018.