Topics of interest for submission include, but not limited to:

Health Economics
Industrial Economics
Agrarian Economics
Labour Economics
Foreign Direct Investments
Central Banking
Development Economics
Behavioural Economics
Monetary Politics
Income Distribution
Economic Crisis
Economic Growth
Economic Cooperation
Capital Movements
International Economic Organisations
International Trade and Economics Information Economics
Business Fluctuations, And Cycles
The Role of Market Economy in Creating Crisis
Financial Liberalisation and Distribution of Wealth
Financial Liberalisation and Economic Crisis
Development Planning and Policy Financial Markets
Behavioural Finance
Derivative Markets 
Financial Risk Management Banking
Bank Management During Crisis Periods
Firm Valuation
Security Valuation
Security Exchanges
Integration of Security Exchanges
Privatisation of Security Exchanges
Current Practices in Management Accounting 
Management in Multinational Companies
Pricing Strategies During the Crisis Period
International Auditing Standards
Natural Resource Accounting
Financial Reporting
Integration of Environmental Costs into Financial Reports
Reassessment of The International Accounting Standards
Green Innovations
Social Entrepreneurship
Women Entrepreneurship
Crisis Management and Governance
Strategic Leadership and Change Management
Strategic Marketing
New Product Development and Innovation
Technology Management and Investments
Organisational Behaviour
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
 Learning Organizations and Conflict Management
Cost Analysis and Cost Management
New Perspectives on Accounting and Auditing
Corporate Governance and Transparency
Research & Development in Companies
Branding of New Products
Market Segmentation and Position for New Product
Competitive Marketing and Business
Total Service and Quality Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Advertising Management
 Business Intelligence
Business Performance Management
Change Management
Comparative Economic Systems
 Governance Corporate Governance
Cost Management
Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Communication
Product Management
Public Economics and Finance
 Resource Management
Strategic Management
Supply Change Management
Islamic Finance and Banking
Technology & Innovation
Sustainable Finance
Sustainable Economics