Gelisim-UWE 4th International Conferance on
Economics and Finance

Submission Process


1. Full manuscripts that have not been published elsewhere in Word format will be considered for evaluation. Full papers should be submitted via electronic mail. Other forms of submission are not accepted. The paper must include the following information:
a) The name, title, institution and GSM number of each author.
b) Mail address and Orcid number of each author.
 2.Manuscripts can be written and presented in English or in Turkish depending on the request of the applicant.
3. There should be an abstract of no more than 300 words and minimum 3 key words, plus at least one JEL code. Papers written in Turkish must have both a Turkish and an English abstract .
4. Manuscripts should be typed 1.5 spaced in 11 point Ariel or 12 point Calibri font. All tables should be placed in their proper places.
5. You will receive a confirmation within a week of your submission. If you do not receive any confirmation, please send us an inquiry.
6. Selected papers can be published in the Journal of Social Sciences of Istanbul Gelisim University. If you desire your paper to be published in the special conference issue of our journal, please make a note in your submission. After being presented at the conference, the paper should be resent with the required adaptations to the criteria of our journal. Please note that in this case there will be a second review process.
7. Papers will be blind refereed by the Scientific Committee and the results of the evaluation will be sent to the authors by 23 March 2020.



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The theme of our conference is 

The opportunities and threats of the 21st  Century: Digitalisation and Climate Change

The topics of the conference are as follows but not limited to the following:
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